Our App Development Capabilities:
Using our vast experience over 25 years designing software and working directly with programmers, engineers and contractors, we have transitioned to designing apps for Apple iPhone and Google Android phones. The Murdocks, LLC is responsible for the design, implementation, quality assurance, testing & customer support, while our overseas sub-contractors handle the actual programming, development and final production. You will find our costs and turn around times to be very competitive.
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Our Overseas Sub-Contractor:
Provides mobile development services for a broad spectrum of domains like Enterprise, Business, Banking, Custom, Gaming, Social and Health related custom softwares. It has a dedicated team of developers who bring in their years of experience in
iPhone, iPad and Android, to give you the best possible advice and solutions.

Quick Facts about our overseas team:
- Established in May 2000
- Total experience of software development exceeds 100 man-years.
- One project of 20 man-years, four projects of 5+ man-years.
- Excellent project management capabilities leveraging our delivery model.
- An ISO 9001:2008 certified company.
- Strength of 50+ qualified and experienced developers.
- 2 years roadmap for CMMi and Six Sigma.


Team is proficient with Apple's iOS for building iPhone applications, using features such as
  • Web Services Integration
  • GPS
  • Google Maps to display address
  • mHealth
  • Push notification service
  • Multi-touch functionality
  • Camera API, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and third party integration


    The team develops applications for Google Android smartphones with OS 1.6 through 4.4
    Android also has features like
    • Accelerometer
    • Camera API
    • Google Map Integration
    • mHealth
    • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Wireless data transfer over 2G-3G spectrum
    • SQLite for data storage
    • Libraries for 2D-3D graphics, images and multimedia support

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