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The New Art of Dying

How would you like to die? How can you help your family and other loved ones to have a death that gives them comfort? Only you can answer this. Each of us has our own special feelings, hopes, fears, and desires around this universal issue. These days, dying can happen in many different ways because of high-intensity therapies that prolong life and postpone dying.

The proliferation of choices, possibilities, and alternatives can be overwhelming. There is no one answer for dying correctly. Each of us wants to get it right and do it our own way.

The New Art of Dying Website:

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Effective in early September, 2016, The Murdocks, LLC & the ABA (American Bar Association) will no longer be selling or supporting the My Health Care Wishes Pro app. Due to reasons of financial sustainability, the app will be removed from both the iTunes and Google Play iStores as of September 3rd, 2016.

The app will continue to be usable indefinitely on your phone, but it is important that you backup all your information. We highly recommend this if you have not previously done so. You must perform a
Backup if you intend to upgrade to a new phone. The backing up process works only from iPhone to iPhone and from Android to Android phone.

The Murdocks, LLC / American Bar Association

Randy and Sandy's
advance care plan

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A light-hearted approach to much needed conversations.

Randy and Sandy are a light-hearted approach to much-
needed conversations. They show that the most important talk we are not having is how we want to die.

The 12 episodes engage us in what’s real when it comes to not talking about dying care — advance directives are about being treated the way you want, conversations should happen long before that time comes and more than once, and not talking about dying won’t stop the inevitable. In several of the shorts, they introduce My Health Care Wishes (distributed by the American Bar Association) an mHealth app for smartphones, that stores and sends your advance directives and those of your loved ones “just in case,” addressing the rare availability of these documents when most needed.